Built to the highest standards for both expeditions and recreational purposes, Essence Grand Superyacht will be equipped with all the state-of-the-art leisure and entertainment systems expected from a yacht of her scale and class. Facilities will ensure all of the passengers on board are kept entertained during their vacation.  


Safety and security

Crew will be looking for privacy and personal safety, which will need to at least provide 24/7 on-site security to be considered. Privacy is also a common concern, particularly for guests wishing to sunbathe on deck or otherwise make use of the yacht at dock.


Sun pads

For less strenuous relaxation, our Superyacht has sunpads scattered around the yacht so you can choose the perfect spot to work on that perfect tan.

Infinity Pool - where the water edge seems to disappear

Located on 2nd deck of Essence Grand Superyacht, our Infinity Pool is not only an optimal design element, but the perfect solution for guests to relax and enjoy their cruising experience with an outstanding exterior view. 

Our four-season-pool gives passengers the chance to swim at every opportunity, regardless of the weather.


Library - A quiet oasis for those looking to unwind while at sea (located on 2nd deck)

Essence Grand Superyacht is designed with an extensive library on board offering contemporary titles in a wide range of categories, including books on art, history, sports, travel, health and wellness, natural history, and reference materials, including a world atlas and dictionary.

“Guests are welcome to read a book within the library itself or check it out to read elsewhere around the ship.”


A Stunning Custom Wine Cellar with a Built In Cigar Humidor (located on 2nd deck)

The perfect private space for wine-loving guests and an exclusive smoking experience to a passionate cigar smoking constituency.






Keeping fit at the gymnasium (located on main deck)

Everyone knows that vacations are good for the mind and the spirit, but they also can be bad for the waistline - especially if you are on a cruise. All that delicious food, combined with a break from your normal exercise routine, means you often go home carrying a few extra kilos - and not just in your luggage!

Maintaining your healthy lifestyle is now very easy as our Superyacht is designed with a GYM to help you stay fit and healthy while you are on board. Our GYM features treadmills, stepping machines, free weights, stationary bikes, resistance bands plus soft mats for yoga.


Conference room - Office for business on board (located on the main deck)

It is the fact you are holding an event at sea that creates the selling point for delegates, who can grow tired of the seeing the same hotel ballrooms year after year.

It is unique in the sense that very few people would have experienced a conference on board a ship. Travel conference on board our Superyacht giving your delegates “the sense of occasion”.


Kids Club (located on main deck)

Catered especially for the kids, our vibrant Children's Room are equipped with kid-friendly amenities, toys and furniture to keep our young travellers entertained all day long while you take a dip in the pool, work out at the gymnasium or simply catch up with friends over a meal at our Restaurant or a drink at our Sky Bar.


The Poker Club (located on the main deck)

Play your hand at a game of poker at our Poker Club and you might end up collecting some serious winnings. Open to adults ages 18 and over

Medical Centre (located on the main deck)

When an accident occurs, you need to act fast. The equipment, education and expertise we provide will ensure you are adequately prepared, capable, and confident from sea to shore.


Sing your heart away at our Karaoke Lounge (located in the basement)

Grab a mic and bring out your inner pop star by singing your heart out at our 02 dedicated karaoke rooms. All you need is a zest for fun and a tune to strum the heartstrings.


3D Golf Simulator (located in the basement)

On Essence Grand Superyacht, we created a unique golf experience. The 3D golf practice room imitates famous golf courses throughout the world, which practically every golfer dreams of visiting and conquering. With just one click, you may become acquainted with the many unique golf courses, feel the demanding yet alluring difficulty, and learn about the features of each golf course!


Sport centre (located in the basement)

Is there a hidden ping-pong or snooker champion within you, or are you just fond of it? Come solo or pair up for a back-and-forth battle at sea. Challenge family, friends and fellow passengers to an action-packed game of table tennis or billiard.