Visit Pearl Farm in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is not only wonderful for its biodiversity and geology but also beautiful natural products, the most famous of which is the pearl of Ha Long. Let’s come to Pearl Farm Ha Long Bay to explore more exciting things about the process of making pearls.

The tour guide explaning about how the oysters are raised up…

Location of Pearl Farm Ha Long Bay

Pearl Farm Ha Long Bay where people visit are owned by Ha Long Pearl Jsc, which is the most interesting value to explore on the bay. There are two large pearl farms in Tung Sau and Vung Vieng area.

Transportation to the farm

With a journey of 3 days 2 nights on a cruise ship, you will have the opportunity to visit the floating pearl farm and see how the local people produce excellent pearls. Inheriting the technology of Japan, with diligent instincts, intelligent minds, skillful hands, staffs and workers of Ha Long Pearl Jsc apply innovative methods of breeding pearls in accordance with the fresh sea region of Vietnam.

Oysters make a pearl


The interesting process of creating the pearls

From a legend

Legend has it that hundreds of islands in Ha Long Bay have been formed by a dragon exhaling jewelry on the water. If you believe in the legend, you will know that there are many gems buried deep in the sea. But today, people have learned to cultivate mussels to get pearls instead of diving in the dangerous deep sea. The pearl village is the most interesting place that worth to visit.

Pearls are considered as a precious gift that nature offers to countries with long coast as Vietnam. There are two large pearl farms in Ha Long Bay. Two pearl farms including Pearl Farm I in Tung Sau and Pearl Farm II in Vung Vieng become the place for tourists to visit and study about pearl cultivation.

This is also the place of production, display, and sales in Ha Long Pearl Jsc. When arriving at the company, the company worker will show you around the farm and museum there and explain how the process works.

Visit the farm

Tourists of Incredible Vietnam Travel visiting the farm

You will go to a floating raft where some oyster pearls are grown and implanted such as the South Sea Pearl, Tahitian Black Pearl… Then you enter a processing room where oysters are transplanted by the workers and you can understand some precious pearls.

This is an important stage of product creation, attracting the attention of many visitors. Finally, you can see one of the workers here open a live oyster in front of your eyes to see the pearl inside and then have to look at their achievements in the showroom. You can buy precious pearls and handicraft products made from shells there.

Oyster maks a pearl

Under appropriate conditions, it takes at least 5 years before a mature oyster to produce pearls, and the success rate is about 40%, with only a small percentage of significant quality to get the high price pearls. For pearls over 10mm, it can take up to seven or even ten years.

In order to cultivate the pearl, they open it just enough to insert a hard shell and tissue from an oyster that has created a high-quality pearl in the past. This cultivation takes about 10 to 18 months and the results are very excellent.

Cultivating the oysters

To be active in pearl production, the company has focused on research and application of science and technology, successfully built artificial reproduction process. The company also collects and bred oysters that are capable of adapting to the culture environment to produce fast with beautiful pearl colours.

In particular, they have improved the breeding technique of Ma Thi species with a precious export value. Up to now, Ha Long Pearl Jsc has become the first company in Vietnam to manage all stages of the pearl cultivation process in a perfect way.

Pearl cultivation depends largely on the marine environment. The polluted environment always leads to certain failures and other factors should also be considered such as salinity and water depth, when raising different types of oysters.

The company is absolutely sure about the environmental sanitation. The company has thoroughly informed the entire staff as well as tourists when coming here, to seriously implement this requirement.

A pearl being taken out of an oyster

In order to have a beautiful pearl, they have to go through many stages in choosing mussels, embryo cultivation, and good care in combination with the meticulous and skillful process of workers. Especially the transplant for the mussels to stimulate them to produce the pearl. Let’s experience the cultivation process to cherish the value of each pearl.