EHG Group is thrilled to announce that La Siesta Halong Bay Superyacht will undergo a significant rebranding and become Essence Grand Halong Bay Superyacht, effective March 21st, 2023. This move represents the EHG Group's commitment to providing guests with exceptional luxury experiences while maintaining its position as a leading hospitality and yacht management company.
Essence Grand Halong Bay Superyacht is a 6-star yacht brand managed by EHG Group, with a long history of operating luxury hotels and resorts chain that offer top-of-the-line service quality in Vietnam. With this new brand name, Essence Grand Halong Bay Superyacht is the perfect choice for travelers seeking the ultimate luxurious experience on Halong Bay.
EHG Group's first vessel, Essence Grand Halong Bay Superyacht, replaces La Siesta as part of the group's strategy of brand differentiation and repositioning in the luxury yacht industry. The Essence brand represents an elite and sophisticated style that will define EHG Yacht Collection's future yachts. Grand signifies grandeur and magnificence, representing the most advanced line of the brand.
As a result, Essence Grand Halong Bay Superyacht is poised to be the quintessential and magnificent Superyacht in Ha Long Heritage Bay, offering unrivaled comfort, elegance, and luxury to its guests.
Join us on an unforgettable journey aboard the Essence Grand Halong Bay Superyacht and experience the pinnacle of luxury travel.

Essence Grand Superyacht - AN EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE (Launching 30th april 2023)

Designed to combine the signature luxury travel lifestyle of the Elegance Hospitality Group and the unparalleled freedom of a yachting vacation, the Essence Grand Superyacht will offer authentic experiences for guests onboard this architecturally-bespoke ship cruising the Gulf of Tonkin.

We launch in the spring of 2023. Cruising is all about destinations, experiences, and memories. Our ambition is inspiring: to provide a spectacular experience based on elements of exclusivity, comfort, elegance, and style. Just like our chain of boutique hotels, Essence Grand aims to fly the flag for our luxury hospitality brand at sea.
The five-deck steel craft is designed with over 55 elegant guestrooms and suites, making it the largest overnight ship to grace Halong Bay’s waters. But what makes it unique is a stunning selection of cutting-edge facilities on board.

Our guests will have access to a superb range of services to suit all needs, including: a conference room; a salt water infinity pool which appears to blend to the ocean waters beyond, golf simulator impact screen, a gym and yoga studio; Dolby digital theater where, among other things, you can sing karaoke to your heart’s content; a wine & cigar lounge; mini library and reading area; a kids’ club for families; and for the ultimate in exclusive luxury .... access to private islands.
Immerse yourself in a whole floating entertainment and leisure experience.
Our passionate team formed of staff and incredible partners will make sure your trip is packed with wonderful memories.
The Elegance Hospitality Group of properties are known for their refined service, impeccable design, distinctive identities, and great experiences. Essence Grand Superyacht represents a new milestone for the group which continues to wow its guests with exceptional ideas.

Our journey continues and so will our story as we start our third decade.

Essence Grand Superyacht - PROJECT MILESTONE
19th Feb., 2022 - Steel Cutting Ceremony

The steel-cutting ceremony has a long and illustrious history, with its roots found in shipbuilding myth and folklore. This is an important ceremony, as it’s the first tangible step of the construction process and one of the few traditions remaining from the old days when they used traditional woods. 
Following that momentous ritual, February 19th, 2022 marks a special milestone for Elegance Hospitality Group (EHG) & our partners. After many months of working during the Covid epidemic with a lot of concern, mobilizing great resources of people, intelligence, bold spirit, and speed; today, the steel-cutting ceremony of Essence Grand Superyacht solemnly held in Ha Long city, opening a new page for Vietnam's yacht industry, promising to bring visitors unprecedented luxury experiences on Ha Long Bay.
Under the witness of the group's leadership, the company's staff, and the press, Mr. Dan Do Van - Chairman of EHG - together with EHG's important partners placed the first steel plate of Essence Grand Superyacht, started the construction process of the project.
More specially, this steel-cutting ceremony not only marks the beginning of the Essence Grand Superyacht, but it also marks the strong comeback of EHG Group after 2 years of the Covid-19 epidemic crisis. During the pandemic, EHG has been constantly innovating & making efforts to overcome difficulties, true to its "Pioneer" quality.

9th Apr., 2022 -  Keel Laying Ceremony

According to shipbuilding tradition, in all stages of shipbuilding, the first and most important stage is the keel laying. The structure of the keel is similar to the spine of the ship, the part of the structure that runs the entire length of the ship along the bottom, connecting stem to stern. This is the spine of the ship and from which the gongs, the ribs are attached similarly to a herringbone-like structure (the word keel also comes from this meaning).
On April 9th, 2022, at HaLong Shipbuilding Company, the Essence Grand Superyacht Keel-laying Ceremony was solemnly held under the supervision of Elegance Hospitality Group and Viet Thuan Transport Co., Ltd. (belonging to Viet Thuan Group). At the ceremony, the two corporations witnessed together the moment when the first constructed module is placed in the dock where the yacht will take form. After the “well and truly laid” Keel-laying ceremony, we wish the Essence Grand Superyacht all the best of luck in its upcoming voyage.

13th Nov., 2022 -  Launching Ceremony

On November 13, 2014, the Essence Grand brand was officially born, and then became the legend and pride of Vietnam's Hospitality industry when consecutively entering the Top of the best hotels in the world (According to TripAdvisor), as well as won many prestigious awards of many tourism organizations during the past 8 years.
And exactly eight years later, on November 13, 2022, at HaLong Shipbuilding Company, EHG Group & Viet Thuan Group officially launched Essence Grand Superyacht, the very first of the twin superyachts that the group has been planning for a long time. Essence Grand Superyacht was launched after 9 months of rapid construction, quality, schedule assurance, and strict compliance with technological processes under the close supervision of EHG Group, Viet Thuan Group & Department Vietnam Register.
At the ceremony, the entire EHG group and our partners were extremely proud and touched to witness the first appearance on the ocean of Essence Grand Superyacht - or we prefer to say - our “work of art”. The moment that Essence Grand Superyacht made her touch to the water's surface, and glided into the great sea, was also the moment marking the birth of a new legend, putting her name on the high-class travel map not only of Vietnam but the whole world.